Information to Russian citizens

Here you will find information to Russian citizens about, among other things, returning home after your residence permit or visa expires, as well as about the processing of applications from Russian citizens.

Published: 28.02.2022 - Last changed: 22.09.2022

If you are in Norway and cannot access your money due to sanctions against Russia, UDI cannot assist you with this. You must contact the Russian embassy.

If you are in Russia and want to travel to Norway

“Norway’s visa facilitation agreement with Russia” (external website) has been suspended temporarily with effect from 22 September 2022. This means that Russian nationals are also subject to the standard rules regarding documentation, multiple-entry visas, fees and case-processing times. The simplified rules set out in the visa facilitation agreement will not apply for as long as the agreement remains suspended. More information about the simplified procedures that have been temporarily suspended is available here.

Even if you hold a visitor's visa or a residence permit, it might be difficult for you to travel to Norway due to cancelled flights. UDI cannot assist you with travelling to Norway. 

If you are a Russian citizen living in Ukraine and want to apply for protection (asylum) in Norway, you can read more here.

If you have a permanent residence permit in Norway or you want to apply for Norwegian citizenship

There are no changes in the regulations and no political signals from the Norwegian authorities that indicate any changes for Russian citizens with a permanent residence permit. If you have a permanent residence permit, you keep it according to the ordinary rules.

You can apply for Norwegian citizenship if you meet the conditions and want to apply. Norwegian authorities allow dual citizenship. As the situation is now, the war does not affect the status of Russian citizens who are in Norway.

Want to apply for a Schengen visa 

The requirements for approval of travel and health insurance have changed. If you have insurance from a Russian insurance company, it is no longer enough to present "Schengen insurance" for EUR 30,000. Because of the EU's sanctions against Russia, we can not be sure that claims for compensation to Russian insurance companies will be paid in the Schengen area. You must therefore enclose a confirmation from the insurance company that they will be able to pay compensation in the Schengen area. 

The Norwegian Embassy in Moscow (external website) and VFS have information on their website about Russian insurance companies that already provide such confirmation. We will accept travel and health insurance from these companies in a visa application. 

When you visit Norway, you must show that you have enough money for your stay in Norway and the journey home. Due to EU sanctions against Russia, money in Russian bank accounts is no longer available to visitors to the Schengen area. Therefore, the requirement for documentation that you have enough money for your stay in Schengen has changed. If you cannot document that you have access to your money while in Norway, a person residing in Norway or a Norwegian company can issue a financial guarantee for you.

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