Launch of a new queue and appointment booking solution for the immigration authorities in week 22 of 2024

In the period from 27 May to 29 May 2024 (week 22), the police will launch a new queue and appointment booking solution (Timeporten) for the immigration authorities.

Published: 28.05.2024

The new solution will replace UDI's existing appointment booking solution for appointments with the police. Appointments that have already been booked and registered in UDI's appointment booking system will be transferred to the new solution.

What is new?

The police's new queue and appointment booking solution includes both appointment booking and queue systems.

Applicants will still be transferred to the appointment booking solution after completing the application process in UDI's application portal. People who already have a residence permit and only need to order a new residence card must also use the new booking solution. People who need to submit a paper application must still book an appointment by calling or emailing the police. Persons who are submitting their application abroad must still book an appointment for attendance through VFS or the embassy.

How do I book an appointment with the immigration authorities?

When you have submitted the application, press the "Book an appointment" button on the receipt page, and you will be directed to the police's new booking system. There you select the place of attendance with the police, select the date and time in the calendar, and receive confirmation of the appointment by e-mail.


Please note that for all appointment bookings booked before 27 May and where the appointment is in the future, the person who is logged in to the application portal will receive an email with a booking number in the new system, together with the applicant's name.

You will also receive an email with a reminder of the appointment booking 2 days before the appointment. All communication will be done via e-mail. If you want to change the appointment, you must contact the police. Only people who can book an appointment directly in the new system will be able to change the appointment themselves using the link on the receipt page in the application portal. If you have booked an appointment in the old system, you will receive an email about the appointment you have booked when we have moved it to Timeporten. This email contains the booking number and the applicant's name.

How can I change the appointment I have booked?

Booked appointments can be rescheduled, changed or canceled via a link in the email from the police or through UDI's application portal "My applications" ( (external website)), where you will find these options on your case's receipt page. 

People who have received an email with the title "The Immigration Service is changing the appointment booking solution" must contact the police to change their appointment if there is a need to change.

Only the police have access to the booking calendar. Therefore, you cannot contact UDI to book or change an appointment.

People who book an appointment from 29 May may change the appointment themselves via the link in the email with the appointment reminder.

Please note that persons who have registered a digital application with UDI, but have not booked an appointment before 27 May 2024, must contact the police after 29 May 2024 to book an appointment.

We will start migrating to the new booking system on 27 May and the new system will be launched on 29 May. In a transition phase, this means that UDI will deactivate the "Send application" and/or "Book an appointment" button in UDI's application portal on 27 and 28 May.  This means that you may still fill in the application form during this period, but you cannot submit the application or book an appointment to submit the application. It will only be possible to book an appointment through Timeporten from 29 May.

In cases where the employer (which has been granted power of attorney) has applied before 27 May (regardless of when), or where you have submitted an application yourself from abroad (regardless of when), and where the application is only processed after 27 May, you or the person who has been authorised to act on your behalf must contact the police for manual appointment booking (external website).

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