Can I stay in private housing while registering my application at the National Arrival Centre?

It is voluntary to stay at the National Arrival Centre and in asylum reception centres. If you already have somewhere you can stay, you may choose to live there. We do recommend that you stay at the National Arrival Centre until you have completed the following activities:

  • Registration of application 
  • Identification of identity
  • Tuberculosis test

If you leave the National Arrival Centre before completing the process, the application process might come to a halt. It may then take longer for you to receive an answer to your application.

If you choose to stay in private housing

If you stay in private housing, you must apply for settlement with public assistance (external website)

Until 15 February 2024 there was an application scheme for Ukrainians who wanted to live in a temporary alternative to an asylum reception centre or emergency accommodation.

This scheme has been discontinued and it is no longer possible to apply.

It is still possible to apply under the standard scheme for alternative accommodation to reception centres, but this scheme is limited. You can apply under this scheme if you meet the requirements of the scheme and have particular needs that cannot be met in an ordinary reception centre. It is also required that a municipality agrees to be responsible both for arranging a housing offer and for following up on your needs. Municipalities are not obligated to participate in the alternative accommodation scheme.

You will find information about eligibility requirements and how to apply here.

You are entitled to health care from a doctor or hospital and the right to receive certain types of medication. If you need medical attention, you can contact a doctor where you live. If you have children, they have the right to go to school.