Digital information meeting with Caritas Norge (Caritas Norway) for those who live privately

You who live privately are invited to participate in a digital information meeting with Caritas Norway. Caritas is an independent organisation that is not part of the Norwegian authorities. They will provide you with information about the asylum process and your rights and obligations as an asylum seeker.

At the meeting you will receive information about:

  • Collective protection in Norway
  • Who you meet when you apply for protection
  • Life at an asylum reception centre and information for those who live privately
  • Your rights and obligations as an asylum seeker
  • The introduction program and what you will do if you are granted collective protection

The information is tailored to you who have applied for collective protection. You will have the opportunity to ask questions during the meeting.

The meetings are digital and conducted as a webinar by a Ukrainian/Russian-speaking adviser.

Sign up for a meeting by registering here (external website).

You will be contacted by an adviser and sent a link to the meeting.