Do I have to register in the same location as my family in order to stay where they live?

Where your family was registered plays no role in IMDi’s decision regarding your settlement location. When you register, it is important that you let the police know if you have any close family in Norway so that they are aware of this when finding accommodation for you in an asylum reception centre.

UDI does everything it can to make it possible for close family members to live together in the same reception centre. If there are no spots available for you where your family lives, we will try to place you somewhere nearby. When allocating accommodation, we will also try to take account of any close family members in Norway who live outside an asylum reception centre.
The average length of stay in asylum reception centres for Ukrainians is currently just under 3 months.
If no accommodation is available in the reception centre where your family is living, we will do our best so that you can join them there as soon as it becomes possible.