What should I do with my pet while I am being registered?

If you have brought your pet from abroad, your pet must be checked at the border by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority must control all pets that come to Norway to minimise the risk of spreading deadly diseases, such as rabies, to humans and other animals in Norway.

As of 1 July 2023, pets brought into Norway from Ukraine are subject to the standard requirements regarding microchipping, rabies vaccination, blood testing, tapeworm treatment and health certificates.

Pets coming to Norway from 1 July that do not meet the animal health requirements must be kept in quarantine paid for by the pet owner, returned directly to Ukraine or euthanised.

You can read more about bringing pets from abroad on the Norwegian Food Safety Authority's website (external website).

If your pet was not checked at the border when you arrived, you must immediately contact the Norwegian Food Safety Authority by telephone: +47 22 40 00 00. They will also help you with a temporary home for your pet until you are settled in a place where your pet can live with you.

Here you can find information in English and Ukrainian about financial help from the Norwegian Society for Protection of Animals (pdf, 2,3 MB).

As a clear main rule, you are as the pet owner responsible for your own pets.

The vast majority of animals coming to Norway from Ukraine do not arrive in accordance with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority's guidelines and must therefore be quarantined.

It could happen that your pet clears quarantine before you leave the reception centre. In such case, your pet may stay with you at the centre for a short period if the centre allows it. Certain reception centres have made preparations for pets to be accommodated at the centre. It is the decision of the reception centre itself whether or not to allow animals in.