Bringing pets to Norway?

 Please register your pet if you come from Ukraine (external website)

On arrival, all pets going to Norway from Ukraine must be registered and controlled by the Norwegian authorities (Norwegian Food Safety Authority). This is done to minimize the risk of spreading serious and deadly diseases, such as rabies, to humans and other animals in Norway.

  • If the pets are not controlled at the border, you must immediately contact the Norwegian Food Safety Authority by telephone: +47 22 40 00 00 when you arrive at your first stop in Norway.
  • If possible, arrival with pets must be notified in advance to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority to carry out the control at the border. (

You will find information about the exceptional rules for Ukrainian refugees who arrive in Norway with pets (external website) on the Norwegian Food Safety Authority webpage.

Information on rules that apply for bringing exotic pets into Norway can be found on the Norwegian Environment Agency's website (external website)