I want to help Ukrainian refugees. May I transport Ukrainians from Poland or other countries to Norway?

UDI receives many inquiries from people who want to help Ukrainians in Poland, for example, by travelling to Poland and transporting refugees to Norway by bus. Even if your intention is good, transportation of people who do not have the correct documents allowing legal entry can be considered human trafficking, which is a criminal offence.

You must check the rules that apply for border crossings for Ukrainian citizens without a biometric passport or ID documents in other countries you have to go through on your way to Norway. Unfortunately, the Norwegian authorities and UDI cannot answer questions about rules outside Norway's borders. 

We encourage you who want to help refugees to see what the established, voluntary organizations write on their websites about what kind of help they organize and whether they need help from private individuals.

Legal entry to Norway

All foreigners travelling to Norway must enter Norway legally. This also applies to Ukrainians. There are several ways to travel legally into the country. Examples of this could be persons who:

  • already have obtained a valid residence permit in Norway, or
  • already have a valid visitor's visa to Norway, or
  • can travel visa-free to Norway (applies if they have a biometric passport)

If you are on the Norwegian border, you can apply for protection regardless of whether you have travelled here legally or not.

Where should Ukrainian refugees register?

If you drive Ukrainian refugees to Norway, you must report to the National Police Immigration Service by email pu.desken@politiet.no or telephone 22 80 66 00 before the bus arrives in Norway.

Please register your pet if you come from Ukraine (external website)