I want to contribute as a Ukrainian interpreter. How do I proceed?

UDI only uses qualified interpreters registered in the National Interpreter Register  (external website)to register refugees from Ukraine. 

You can find information about how you can qualify as a public interpreter on IMDI's website. (external website) 

If you want to qualify, you must, as a minimum, conduct a bilingual test at OsloMet. In addition to speaking fluent Ukrainian, you must at least have a level B2 or Bergen test in Norwegian. You will find information about the bilingual test at OsloMet. (external website) 

If you want to study interpreting, OsloMet offers a bachelor's program in interpretation in the public sector.  (external website) 

If you do not qualify as an interpreter but still wish to contribute with your language skills, you can check if local organizations or your municipality needs any language help.