I am helping a child who has traveled to Norway without the parents. What is the process and can the child live at my place?

If the child applies for protection (asylum) in Norway without the parents, the child will be registered as an unaccompanied minor asylum seeker.

You can find information for children applying for protection without their parents here (external website). The child will get a representative who will help the child through the asylum application process. You must contact the police together with the child as soon as possible.

You must tell the police about your relationship with the child, where the parents are, why the child came to Norway alone and how the child came to Norway.

Depending on the child's age, the child will be offered to live in an asylum reception centre or in a care centre. If the child wants to live with you in your home, it is possible to apply for an alternative to a reception centre. Local child welfare will always be notified in such cases.

Please note that there may be changes in the process. In that case, we will update the information on this page.

Other information about protection and residence in Norway for people affected by the crisis in Ukraine also applies to children.