What is an asylum reception centre?

An asylum reception centre is a facility with modest accommodation where you can stay while waiting for an answer to your application for collective protection. It is voluntary to live in an asylum reception centre.

When you arrive at the asylum reception centre, you will receive information about:

  • house rules
  • safety, such as fire prevention/security
  • practical aspects concerning the reception centre, including resident acitivities
  • money/basic benefits
  • the local community and services, including transport, shops and other services and amenities

Personnel at the asylum reception centre will provide guidance and help if needed. They will also guide you to obtain relevant information from public agencies and volunteer organisations.

At the asylum reception centre, you will get:

  • a bed (you may be sharing a room with others)
  • kitchen access
  • equipment you can loan for young children, including carriages, beds etc. 
  • access to facilities for washing and drying clothes
  • internet access
  • access to a pc/tablet at the reception centre
  • money (basic benefits) for food, clothing, personal hygiene items, transport
  • access to primary school instruction for hildren aged 6-16 years
  • offering for adapted school instruction for youths aged 16-18 years
  • leisure activity offerings
  • opportunity to take part in the information programme on Norwegian society

Some asylum reception centres also offer:

  • childcare for children aged 0-6 years
  • kindergarten for children aged 1-6 years

We do not know how long it will be before you can move from the asylum reception centre to a municipality.