What is emergency accommodation?

Emergency accommodation is made available when many asylum seekers arrive at the same time. It is of a modest standard and intended to meet your basic needs. 

The following is provided in an emergency accommodation facility: 

  • a bed (not in a tent) - you may be sharing a room with others
  • some pocket money
  • food, or money for food
  • food for young children and babies, or money for food
  • equipment for young children and babies such as feeding bottles
  • access to facilities for washing and drying clothes
  • personal hygiene items as needed, including diapers
  • internet access
  • access to primary school for children aged 6-16 years

The emergency accommodation personnel can provide practical information about settlement, leisure activities, health care and services in the local community.

You will be notified about when you will be moving from emergency accommodation and where you will be going. We do not know how long you will be staying in emergency accomodation.

You will find more information about emergency accommodation here 

Velkommen til akuttinnkvartering (norsk) (pdf, 261 kB)

Ласкаво просимо в центр термінового розміщення (ukrainsk) (pdf, 253 kB)

Добро пожаловать в место экстренного размещения (russisk) (pdf, 240 kB)