What happens if my application is rejected? Do I have to return to Ukraine?

You can appeal

You will be assigned a lawyer by UDI, and you can appeal the decision. The lawyer will explain the decision and help you with the appeal.

You can also get advice from organisations that offer free legal aid, such as Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers (NOAS) (external website), Self Help for Immigrants and Refugees (SEIF) (external website)Legal counselling for women (JURK) (external website), and Jussbuss (external website).

UDI will consider your appeal. If UDI does not reverse its decision, it will send the case to the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE), (external website).

Once your case has been sent to UNE, UNE will be responsible for your case, and you must contact UNE (external website) if you have new documents or information.

Do I have to leave Norway if my application is rejected?

Due to the war in Ukraine, there has long been a suspension of the duty to leave. This means that Ukrainians have not been obliged to return to Ukraine, even if their application for a residence permit has been rejected. Since UDI is now starting to process applications for protection on an individual basis, and there are now some counties in Ukraine that are considered safe, the duty to leave has been reinstated.

This means that if your application is rejected, you have a duty to leave Norway within a given deadline.

If you appeal the decision, you can request to stay in Norway while we consider your appeal. Your lawyer will ask for this in connection with the appeal. You can normally stay in Norway while UDI or UNE is considering your appeal.