How will UDI process applications for individual protection?

UDI has gained better knowledge of the situation in the various parts of Ukraine and for Ukrainians who apply for protection on an individual basis in Norway. We have written a guideline that describes our practice for assessing the applications. The guidelines have been produced in the same way as for other countries.

The guideline is published on UDI Regulations:
UDI 2024-004 Asylpraksis for Ukraina ("Asylum guidelines for Ukraine" only available in Norwegian) (external website)

As part of the assessment of individual protection, UDI will decide whether the authorities in your home country can protect you, and whether there are areas in your home country that can be safe and accessible for you to return to.

In the guideline, UDI has currently defined three counties in the west of Ukraine as safe; Volyn, Lviv and Zakarpattia. We will assess your need for protection individually, regardless of whether you are from these or other counties.

We will make an individual assessment in each case. The assessment of which areas are considered safe may change. We are continuously working to assess which counties are safe and which are not.

It will be a while before you get a response

Even if UDI starts processing applications, and even if you have had an interview with UDI, it may still take some time before you receive a response to your application. UDI cannot provide any further information about when you will receive a response to your application if you call us on the phone.