Has UDI started conducting interviews?

Beginning in early April, UDI will interview some of the Ukrainian refugees who are waiting for an answer to their application for individual protection (asylum). This is called an asylum interview. During the interview, you must tell UDI about yourself and why you need protection.

Who is being interviewed by UDI?

We will start interviewing single adults without children, who have not stayed in other safe countries (see the list of countries that UDI believes are safe, available in Norwegian only (external website)). But not everyone in this group will be invited for an interview at this time.

UDI selects who will be invited to an interview. You cannot contact UDI and ask to be interviewed.

It may take some time before we have notified all the people who are being interviewed. The first persons to be interviewed will be notified in April.

How do I know if I'm going to an interview?

If you are going to an interview, you will receive an invitation from UDI.

  • Those who live in an asylum reception centre will receive information from the staff. The reception centre will help you arrange travel to UDI's offices. If there is a need for accommodation, the asylum reception centre staff will arrange this.
  • If you live at a private address, you will first receive a phone call from UDI with information about the date. You will then receive an email with the invitation. You must arrange your own travel to UDI's offices, but you will be reimbursed for the expenses. A reimbursement form will be attached in the invitation email, which you must fill out and send to UDI in an email or in the post. If you live far away, we can arrange a stay at a hotel the day before the interview. You can discuss this during the phone call with UDI.

If you live privately, it is important that UDI has your updated contact information. You must contact UDI if you have changed your telephone number or email after you registered with the police.

If you are invited for an interview, you have a duty to attend.

What happens at the interview?

The interviews usually take place at the UDI offices in Oslo or Trondheim. It can also be done digitally; in which case the asylum reception centre must facilitate the implementation. During the interview, you meet the person who will interview you, and an interpreter.

You will receive information about what will happen during the interview, and you may ask questions. The interview is quite thorough, it will often take a full day. UDI has an asylum interview with you to find out whether you, as an individual, need protection. The questions during the interview will primarily be about your individual reasons for needing protection in Norway, and not the general situation in Ukraine.

The information that emerges during the interviews will be important for the assessment of whether you will be granted protection in Norway.

What happens after the interview?

It may take some time, even after the interview, before you receive an answer to your application.

Your rights and obligations in Norway will remain the same, regardless of whether you have been interviewed or not, until you receive a response to your application.

UDI does not have any further information about these interviews. We will not be able to provide more information even if you call our Information Service.