You can appeal the decision

You have the right to appeal the decision within three weeks

  • The deadline for appealing the decision that your residence permit is not extended is three weeks from the time you received the decision.
  • The decision is final if you do not appeal within the deadline.
  • You must send a written appeal in Norwegian or English with your DUF number/birth number to UDI. You must sign the appeal.
  • You retain your rights until the appeal has been finally determined.
  • You have the right to ask to see your case documents.
  • The appeal is sent by letter to:
    Norwegian Directorate of Immigration
    PO Box 2098 Vika
    0125 Oslo

Have you not managed to obtain all the documentation you wish to enclose with your appeal within the three-week deadline? You must still submit your appeal within the deadline, but you can write in your appeal that you wish to send us more documentation. You will then be given a new deadline of two weeks to submit the documentation.

Any new information in the appeal is assessed by UDI. If there is no new information of importance to our decision, we will forward your case to the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) for an independent assessment.