Journalists Press contacts

We help journalists to contact the right person to talk to for background information, case information and interviews.

Press Centre

Monday–Friday, 8.00–15.45: or phone (+47) 23 35 17 00.

The Press Centre is closed 25 December, 26 December and 1 January. From Wednesday 27 December through Friday 29 December, opening hours are from 10.00 to 15.45

After office hours

Monday–Friday, 15.45–21.00: phone (+47) 23 35 17 00.

The after office hours number is not available 25 December, 26 December or 1 January.

Access to a particular immigration case

If journalists would like us to comment on individual cases, we are happy to do this, but that requires the person in question to exempt us from the duty of secrecy.

Our press contacts 

John Olav Kroken
press adviser

John Olav Kroken

John Olav Kroken (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)


Vibeke Schjem
press adviser


Vibecke Schjem (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)


Hanne Rygh Holter
press adviser

Hanne Rygh Holter (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)


Oda Gilleberg
press adviser

Oda Gilleberg (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)



Ingeborg Grimsmo
communications director

Ingeborg Grimsmo (high-resolution jpg, 2 MB)


Håkon Fenstad
deputy communications director

Håkon Fenstad, assisterende kommunikasjonsdirektør

Håkon Fenstad (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB) 

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