Norwegian citizenship granted by application

Congratulations on your Norwegian citizenship! UDI will send you the decision letter by mail, or by Digipost, if you have that. 

What you need to do now 

You must wait a week because it takes a week before you are registered in the National Population Register that you are a Norwegian citizen. 

This is what you need to bring when you apply for a Norwegian passport

  • The decision letter from UDI. You must show the decision letter when you are going to apply for Norwegian passport for the first time.
  • Your residence card, if you have it. You have to hand in your residence card.
  • Your passport, or immigrant’s passport/travel document for refugees, if you have that. If you do not have a passport/immigrant’s passport/travel document, you must bring a valid ID. You must submit a Norwegian immigration passport/travel document at the passport office.
  • Loss report for your travel document if you have lost your immigrant’s passport or travel document.

This is how you can get a loss report if you have lost your Norwegian immigrant’s passport or travel document

If you have lost your immigrant’s passport or travel document, you must first notify the police about this. You must hand in a loss report and the police must confirm your identity.

You can not apply for a passport without this confirmation. You can find the contact information for the police districts here

If you are under the age of 18

If you are under the age of 18 there are different rules and requirements for being granted a passport (external website).

You can participate in a voluntary citizenship ceremony

If you are over twelve years old, you will receive an invitation from the county governor to participate in a voluntary citizenship ceremony. The citizenship ceremony is a solemn celebration of the transition to Norwegian citizenship. There will be a speech from a government official, you will be able to make a vow of allegiance, the national anthem will be played and you will receive a gift book. The ceremony is arranged by the County Governor. You will receive an invitation in the mail from the County Governor and you must register for the ceremony yourself. The ceremony is free and you can bring guests. After the ceremony, food and drink will be served. More information can be found at (external website).