Norwegian citizenship granted by notification

Congratulations on your Norwegian citizenship! UDI will send you the decition letter by mail. 

What you need to do now 

Please bring the following when you go to the police

  • Your letter from UDI. You must show this to the police before they can give you your passport when you apply for the first time.
  • Your current passport, which you must present or a valid ID. 
  • Your residency card, if you have that, which you must hand in.

For you who are under the age of 18

If you are under the age of 18 there are other requirements for being granted a passport. You can read more about it here. (external website)

Your child can become a Norwegian citizen automatically if you submit notification of Norwegian citizenship

  • If you have a child who is under the age of 18 and is resident in Norway, your child will automatically also become a Norwegian citizen if you become a Norwegian citizen by notification. It does not matter what country/countries your child is a citizen of.
  • The child will not automatically become a Norwegian citizen if he or she is married or a registered partner when you submit notification of Norwegian citizenship.
  • By "automatically", we mean that you do not have to hand in any documents for the children, and that you do not need to bring them to the appointment with the police.
  • After you have become a Norwegian citizen, you must notify the National Registry that the children have become Norwegian citizens before they can get Norwegian passports. 

You can participate in a voluntary citizenship ceremony

If you are over twelve years old, you will receive an invitation from the county governor to participate in a voluntary citizenship ceremony. The citizenship ceremony is a solemn celebration of the transition to Norwegian citizenship. There will be a speech from a government official, you will be able to make a vow of allegiance, the national anthem will be played and you will receive a gift book. The ceremony is arranged by the County Governor. You will receive an invitation in the mail from the County Governor and you must register for the ceremony yourself. The ceremony is free and you can bring guests. After the ceremony, food and drink will be served. More information can be found at (external website).