I have received a letter that says UDI is considering whether to expel me from Norway. What does this mean?

UDI will consider whether to expel you from Norway if you

  • have received a penalty or special sanction for an offence
  • have given incorrect information to the authorities
  • have been arrested by the police without a residence permit

The police or UDI will send you a letter to inform you that we are considering whether you should be expelled. You will receive information about why we are considering having you expelled and about your rights to a lawyer and an interpreter.

If you believe that the information in the letter is incorrect, or if you have information that you believe we need in order to consider your case, you must send it to UDI within the deadline stated in the letter. You can also explain why you think that being expelled would be too severe or too great an intervention in your life seen in relation to the criminal offence.

We will consider your case and decide whether or not to expel you. You will then receive a letter from UDI stating whether you have been expelled and whether you are subject to a prohibition against entry, how long the prohibition against entry will be in force and how you can appeal.