What do I have to do if have been granted a residence permit to get married (fiance permit)?

This residence permit is valid for a maximum of six months. You must hand in the application for a residence permit with your spouse at least one month before the residence permit for getting married expires.

This means that you have less than five months to get married. On the Tax Administration's website you get an overview of what you have to do to get married (external website). There is a lot you need to do during these five months, therefore it is important that you start the formal processes surrounding the marriage as early as possible.

Rights and obligations

  • You cannot get an extension or renewal of this residence permit if you for example postpone the wedding.
  • You can work in Norway.
  • You do not have the right to free training in the Norwegian language and social studies.
  • You can travel in and out of Norway while the residence permit is valid.
  • If you hand in the new application for a residence permit with your spouse at least one month before the old one expires, you still have the right to work while you wait for an answer to your application for the new residence permit.
  • The time you have this residence permit does not count towards your residence period if you later apply for a permanent residence permit or Norwegian citizenship.
  • While you have this type of residence permit your family members (for example your children) cannot apply for family immigration to move to you in Norway.