How to get a residence card if you applied before 16 April 2021

What is a residence card?

A residence card is a credit-card-sized plastic card that proves that you have been granted a residence permit in Norway. The police will order your residence card.

How do you obtain a residence card?

  • You must pre-book an appointment to be issued a residence card. You must normally do this through the Application Portal.
  • You can make the booking before you travel to Norway.
  • The appointment has to be either during the first seven days you are in Norway, or the first available appointment you can find.
  • You must meet at the appointed time with the local police office where you are going to live.

If you are under the age of 18, your parents or guardian must accompany you to the police.  

Booking an appointment

If you filled in and sent the application electronically, you can now log in to book an appointment (external website).

Booking an appointment over the phone

If you did not fill in an electronic application form when you applied for a residence permit, you must instead call your local police district to book an appointment. You cannot call UDI to book an appointment.

What happens when you go to the police?

The police will take your fingerprints and photo, and will then order your residence card. 

How long will it take until you get the card?

It will take at least 20 working days from your appointment with the police until you receive the card in the post. 

Please check that you are registered with the correct postal address and that your name is on your letter box. If not, the card will not reach you. If the card is lost in the mail, it will take another ten working days until you can get a new one. 

If you are planning trips to abroad, you should therefore make sure there is plenty of time between your appointment with the police and your planned departure date. 

If you have not received your residence card by mail or if you have any questions about residence cards, you must contact the local police office where you applied for a residence card (external website).