How will I get my immigrant's passport?

  1. You must contact the police immigration office where you live. Some places you have to book an appointment. If you filled in and sent your application electronically, you can now log in to book an appointment.
  2. At the police station, you have to sign and have your fingerprints and photo taken. Children under the age of three must bring a passport photo.
  3. The police will order the immigrant's passport for you and you will receive it by mail. When you are at the police station, you can ask how long it will take before you get your immigrant's passport. 
  4. Your immigrant's passport must be renewed. You must remember to apply for renewal in very good time before the old one is expiring. Please see our updated guide to waiting times for applications.  If your immigrant's passport is damaged, you must also renew it. Your immigrant's passport normally expires on the same date as your residence permit. You have to hand in two applications; one to renew your residence permit and another one to renew your immigrant's passport.
  5. If you have a residence permit that is limited due to doubt about identity, you can apply for a new residence permit as soon as you have got the ID documents UDI has asked for. You do not need to wait until your immigrant's passport soon expires.