Application for permanent residence permit was rejected, but your were grated a renewal or a new residence permit

In the decision it will be stated why your application was rejected, and what kind of residence permit you were granted.

You are entitled to appeal the decision

  • The deadline for appealing is normally three weeks from the date when you received the decision.
  • As a rule, the appeal must be in writing and signed and state the reason for your appeal.
  • You can submit the appeal to the police or the UDI.
  • If the UDI does not grant your appeal, it will be forwarded to the Immigration Appeals Board, which will consider it.

What you need to do now

  • Go to the police to obtain a residence card.
  • You must go to the police in person so that they can register your fingerprints and take your photo. They need this to make your residence card showing that you have a temporary residence permit in Norway.
  • If you are under the age of 18, your parents/guardian must accompany you to the police.
  • After you have been to the police, they will send you the residence card by post (normally within ten days). The residence card is free of charge.
  • Please notify the Norwegian Tax Administration / Population Register if you move, either to a new address in Norway or into/out of Norway.