How do I register my address in Norway, get a national identity number or a D number and a tax deduction card?

Register your address

If you have changed your address in Norway since you applied for a residence permit, you must inform the police of this when you meet with them, so that your correct address of residence is registered in the National Population Register (Folkeregister).

National identity number or D number

When you meet at the police station to order a residence card, we notify the Tax Administration that you have been granted a residence permit. The Tax Administration decides whether you will be given a D number or a national identity number.

About two weeks after you met with the police, you will receive a letter from the Tax Administration with your national identity number or your D number.

If you received a D number when you should have received a national identity number, you must contact the National Population Register (external website).

Tax deduction card

If you have questions about tax deduction cards because you are going to work in Norway, you will find information on the Norwegian Tax Administration's website about how foreign citizens apply for tax deduction cards (external website).