Can I extend my entry deadline to Norway?

When you receive a decision letter from UDI that you have been granted a residence permit for work, the letter also stipulates a deadline for you to enter Norway.

You may extend the entry deadline if there are extenuating circumstances preventing you from travelling to Norway by the deadline, and provided that the same job offer for which you were granted the residence still stands. The entry deadline will usually be extended by up to six months.

If you no longer have the same job offer, you will have to apply for a new residence permit for your most recent job offer.

How to request an extended entry deadline

When applying to extend your entry deadline, you must explain why you cannot enter Norway by the originally stipulated deadline.

In many cases, UDI will ask you to provide documentation for the circumstances behind your delay. For example, if you cannot meet the entry deadline due to the corona situation you will be required to provide documentation to attest for illness or for travel restrictions affecting you.

You must contact UDI by phone to apply for an extended entry deadline. Based on your explanation, we will assess whether you are eligible for an entry deadline extension, and we will advise you as to which documentation you should provide.

If you are granted an extended entry deadline, the embassy will contact you for you to obtain a new entry visa with a new entry deadline.