Unaccompanied minors and vulnerable adults

The vulnerable groups project helps vulnerable migrants in Norway who wish to return to their home country. The IOM can offer extra support before, during, and after the return.

Who can apply to the project?

The following can apply to the project:

  • victims of human trafficking (adults and children)
  • unaccompanied minors (children who came to Norway without a parent or guardian)
  • over-age migrants (who came to Norway as unaccompanied minors and are now between the ages of 18 and 23 years)
  • migrants with extensive medical follow-up needs in the home country
  • other vulnerable migrants (for instance, victims of violence, exploitation and abuse, victims of domestic violence, victims of forced marriage, and older migrants without a family network in their home country)

Even if the applicant does not belong to any of the groups mentioned above, the UDI can assess whether other circumstances mean that the person is in a vulnerable position and should be allowed to take part in the programme.

What you can gain from the project

You receive:

  • information about voluntary assisted return and conditions in your home country
  • guidance and assessment of reintegration needs
  • help to locate the family of unaccompanied minors
  • risk assessment for victims of trafficking
  • help to obtain travel documents if necessary
  • free travel from Norway to your home country (with an accompanying person if necessary)
  • a reintegration grant and guidance from the IOM in the home country after the return
  • follow-up during and after the reintegration period

Help to return home

The IOM assists with practical travel arrangements. This includes help to obtain travel documents, a transit visa and plane tickets, as well as assistance during transit and on arrival in your home country. The IOM will obtain tickets for your return journey. You cannot book the tickets yourself if the expenses are to be covered by the Norwegian authorities. 

If you are unable to travel alone and need someone to accompany you, you may be accompanied by a member of the IOM's staff or by medical personnel. You can also ask to be accompanied by someone you know.

Financial grants for vulnerable groups

A financial grant covers basic needs in the first period after the return and encourages financial independence. When the migrant arrives in the home country, he or she will receive a financial reintegration grant in the form of cash and funds earmarked for housing, education, starting a business, work training, medicines, and food and clothing in the initial period following the return. If the person is an unaccompanied minor under the age of 18, he or she will not be paid the grant in cash, but will receive the full grant in the form of earmarked funds.

What can be gained from participating in a return programme:

• information about the return and advice
• the necessary travel documents
• organisation of the journey itself
• assistance prior to departure, in transit and on arrival
• help and transport all the way to the destination
• further follow-up, subject to availability and needs