The course of the application process

How is the application processed?

The person registers their application here. UDI decides whether the applicants are qualified for the voluntary return programme.

The time it takes to process the application varies from case to case, and may take anything from weeks to months. The documents the applicant is able to present, will influence the process. If the applicant can present a valid travel document, the case may be processed more quickly.

What happens if the application is granted?


If the application for assisted return is granted, UDI sends the decision to the applicant. The IOM helps the person to return home.

Travel documents and tickets 

If the migrant does not have a valid travel document, IOM will help obtain a valid travel document. The case processing time can vary, depending on where the migrant is travelling to.

The IOM books the plane tickets and sends the travel details to the applicant.

What happens when the applicant leaves? 

The applicant is informed in advance about when he or she is leaving, and travels as an ordinary passenger on a scheduled flight. The applicant can receive help on the journey and in connection with stopovers, and is normally issued a passport from his or her home country. 

More practical information about the return journey can be found on the IOM’s website (external website).

What happens if the application is rejected?

If the application for assisted return is rejected, the applicant will receive a decision with an explanation of the grounds.

UDI will assess whether foreign nationals whose applications for assisted return have been rejected can be offered assisted return with the police. You can contact the National Police Immigration Service for more information (external website)

The applicant has the right to appeal if he/she disagrees with UDI's decision regarding accompanied return. If the decision is appealed, UDI will reassess the case. If UDI upholds the rejection, the appeal will be sent to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security. Read more about the right of appeal here.