Who can apply for assisted return?

Foreign nationals can apply for assisted return if:

  • they have received a rejection of their application for protection (asylum) or another application for residence in Norway
  • their application for protection is under consideration 
  • they do not have legal residence and have not had a case registered in the computer system used for immigration and refugee cases (DUF)
  • they have received a decision regarding transferral to another country that participates in the cooperation under the Dublin Regulation, but would rather return to their home country. This requires him or her to leave by the deadlines stipulated by the Dublin Regulation.
  • they have temporary residence until the age of 18
  • they are possible victims of human trafficking
  • they are unaccompanied minor asylum seekers

There are exceptions, but the above bullet list contains the main rules.

Asylum seekers can apply for assisted return at any stage of the asylum process. Foreign nationals with legal residence in Norway cannot apply for assisted return, but can apply for repatriation

Apply for assisted return here.

The scheme does normally not apply to foreign nationals who: 

  • are citizens of Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Georgia, Ghana, India, Israel, Kosovo, Croatia, Montenegro, Mongolia, Namibia, Northern Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, Tanzania, or Ukraine
  • are nationals of a country exempt from the visa requirement 
  • have previously received support through programmes for assisted return or repatriation, and who have re-immigrated to Norway and want to return to a country under the Dublin Regulations
  • have been granted a residence permit on other grounds than a need for protection that has expired or been revoked, or have not been granted a new residence permit
  • have received a rejection of their application for protection or of another application for residence in Norway because he or she has been granted protection, residence, or a visa in another EU/EEA country.

Exceptions are made for unaccompanied minor asylum seekers and possible victims of human trafficking.