EMN National Conference (2015)

The 5th national EMN-conference: «Resettlement; regional solutions and humanitarian assistance».


Regional Development and Protection Programmes - North Africa - Horn of Africa (pdf, 210 kB)

Resettlement Research: Past, Present and Future - Alexander Betts (pdf, 414 kB)

Examples of successful/unsuccessful strategic resettlement - Perspectives from Sweden (pdf, 635 kB)

Regional Development and Protection Programme in the Middle East - Challenges and achievements (pdf, 985 kB)

Resettlement in refugee camps: the case of Dadaab - Cindy Horst (pdf, 1,5 MB)

What do we mean by "strategic resettlement"? - UNHCR (pdf, 242 kB)

Resettlement Selection Criteria and ID – practices: challenges and current dilemmas (pdf, 381 kB)

Resettlement: Regional Solutions and Humanitarian Assistance (pdf, 587 kB)


Watch the EMN-conference (external website).

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