Want to apply Assisted return to Gaza

If you are staying in Norway without a legal residence permit, you must return to your home country. You can apply for support to return home with the National Police Immigration Service and start a new life in Gaza.

Who can apply for return?

  • people whose application for protection (asylum) or residence has been rejected
  • people who are waiting for an answer to their application for protection (asylum)
  • people who are staying in Norway without legal residence for other reasons

Not everyone will have their application granted.

The border is often closed, and return is only possible when the border is open. The National Police Immigration Service has information about when the border is open, and organises returns when the border is open. Please contact the National Police Immigration Service for advice. Phone (+47) 488 88 191 or email politiets.utlendingsenhet@politiet.no

What kind of support will you be given?

  • a plane ticket to Egypt
  • information regarding further bus transportation (departure times) to the Rafah border
  • necessary cash for your trip and bus transport
  • a health check, and necessary vaccines
  • help to obtain travel documents. You must cooperate on this
  • advice from the National Police Immigration Service
  • a financial grant

Financial support for asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected

You have to apply early to receive as much money as possible. 

Financial support for people who have not applied for asylum

If you have never applied for asylum in Europe, but are staying in Norway illegally, you will receive NOK 15,000.

How will your return be organised?

  • You will be told in advance when you are to leave, and you will travel as an ordinary passenger on a scheduled flight from Oslo to Cairo. From the airport in Cairo, you will be transported by bus to Gaza.
  • You can get help during the journey. 

How to apply

Go to application form

For more information, contact the National Police Immigration Service on tel. +47 488 88 191, or send an email to politiets.utlendingsenhet@politiet.no.

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