How to apply

How to apply

Complete the application form

If you live abroad, you must complete the paper form (in pdf). If you live in Norway, you can choose whether you want to fill in the application on paper or online. To avoid paying a fee, we recommend that you fill in the paper form:

Application for Norwegian citizenship (pdf, 270 kB) (only in Norwegian).

If you live in Norway, you may fill in and send the application online. You will in that case have to pay an application fee, which will be refunded when you attend your appointment with the police. If you still wish to complete the electronic application form, you can do so here (external website).

Hand in the application

Regardless of whether you apply online or fill in a paper form, the application must be submitted in person. If you live in Norway, you must hand it in to the police in the municipality where you live (external website). If you live abroad, you must hand it in at the Norwegian embassy or consulate general (external website). You must contact the police, embassy or consulate general to make an appointment to hand in the application.