«Kola Norwegians»

Suppose you are a descendant of a Norwegian citizen who emigrated to Murmansk or Arkhangelsk County in Russia from the 1850s until the Russian border was closed in the late 1920s ("Kola-Norwegian"). In that case, you may be granted an exemption from the permanent residence permit requirement. You may also be exempt from the requirement of eight years of residence in Norway during the last eleven years. To be eligible for exemption, you must have:

  • been granted a residence or work permit in Norway due to your affiliation to Norway as a descendent of a «Kola Norwegian», and  
  • resided in Norway with residence or work permits of at least one year's duration for the last two years

If you were married to a «Kola Norwegian» before you travelled to Norway, you are considered married to a Norwegian citizen from the time of marriage. Then, the rules that apply to spouses of a Norwegian citizen applies to you. However, the requirement of residing in Norway with permits for five of the past ten years does not apply to you. The same exemptions apply if you are a registered partner or cohabitant with a «Kola Norwegian».