Researchers associated with a Norwegian research institution

Suppose you are a researcher affiliated with a Norwegian research institution and have a leading professional role in a research group with extensive international collaboration. In that case, you may be exempt from the requirement of eight years of residence during the last eleven years. It is still required that you have had six years of residence in Norway over the previous twelve years.  

This exemption is intended to apply to a limited group of researchers who, due to their work, have a particular need to stay abroad.  

To obtain an exemption, you must submit documentation from your employee institution, which describes the following:  

  • your professional role in the research group  
  • the research group's degree of international collaboration

The exemption also applies if you are a spouse, registered partner or cohabitant of a person who obtains Norwegian citizenship under this exemption. You must submit documentation showing that you are a spouse, registered partner or cohabiting with a person who has obtained or is applying for citizenship by this exemption.