Other type of EU/EEA national

Requirements for being granted permanent right of residence

In order to be granted permanent right of residence you must

  • have stayed in Norway for a continuous period of five years holding residence permits and/or using the registration scheme for EU/EEA nationals
  • have been here as a an employee, self-employed person, service provider, have lived here with sufficient funds of your own or been a student 

Calculation of residence period

The residence time is reckoned from the day you fulfilled the requirements to have a right of residence in Norway.

Absence that will not be deducted in the calculation of the residence period

'Continuous residence' means that you cannot have stayed abroad for more than six months during a year. We accept longer stays abroad if they are shorter than 12 continuous months and are due to either

  • pregnancy or childbirth,
  • serious illness,
  • research stays, studies or vocational training,
  • secondment abroad, or
  • military or civilian national service (in this case, we can accept stays that exceed 12 months).