Want to apply UK national who lives in Norway and has a right of residence according to EU/EEA regulations

If you have lived in Norway for more than five years, you may meet the conditions for a permanent residence permit (permanent oppholdstillatelse). See section "UK national or family member of a UK national with a permanent right of residence" on this page.

Requirements for the applicant

  • You must have moved to Norway by the end of 31 December 2020 and plan to continue to live here after this.
  • You must have a right of residence in Norway according to EU/EEA regulations by either being an employee, self-employed, a student or have your own funds.

How to apply

1. Gather the documents you need

You must document the situation you are in when you apply for residence. Which documents you must submit with your application depends on the situation that applies to you and whether you are already registered in Norway. Some only need to identify themselves while others need to submit multiple documents. You will receive a personalised checklist after you have filled out the application. Some examples of documents we may ask you to provide:

  • a valid national ID card or passport
  • documentation that you were a resident in Norway by the end of 31 December 2020
  • employees must document employment
  • self-employed must document that they run business activities in Norway
  • students must document that they are a student in Norway
  • if you have residence on your own funds, you must document that you have your funds and that you have health insurance

2. Fill in the application form

3. Submit documents and identify yourself at the police

The majority of applicants do not have to submit any documents. They only have to go to the police to identify themselves. Some applicants must submit documents. You must upload these documents digitally.

After you have submitted your application, you will receive a receipt by email with a summary of your application. If you are going to submit documents to your application, there will be a list of which documents you should submit in the summary. If you only have to identify yourself, it will be stated in the summary that you only need to submit identity documents. This means that you must present your passport or national ID card to the police.

If you need only to identify yourself

If your application summary shows that you should only submit identity documents, you should not do anything now. After a while, the police will send you an email confirming that they have opened a case. After the police have made a decision for the residence permit, you will receive a new email from the police asking you to book an appointment to identify yourself. You must not book an appointment until you are notified. The police's capacity varies, and how easy it is to find available appointments may depend on when you try to book.

If you have to submit documents to attach to your application
If the summary of your application shows that you have to submit documents, the police will send you an email a while after you applied, asking you to upload your documents online. This email also includes instructions on how to do so. You cannot submit documents before you receive this email. It may take some time before you receive an email from the police.

After uploading the documents, you will eventually receive a new email from the police asking you to book an appointment to identify yourself with the police. Do not book an appointment before you are notified.