Want to renew Use the F code

If you have received an F-code by email or SMS, you can renew your residence permit for family immigration, work or studies quickly and easily. 

The F-code is sent automatically

If you can apply with an F-code, it will be sent to you automatically. You will receive it 105 days before your residence permit expires. If you have not used it, you will receive it again 75 days before your permit expires.

If you do not receive an F-code, you must apply for renewal of your residence permit in the regular manner.

What you need to do if you receive an F-code

  1. If you receive an SMS or an email with the F-code, you should as soon as possible register your application on the Application Portal and book an appointment with the police. There may be several weeks waiting time.
  2. No later than one month before your residence permit expires you must go to the police at the time you have booked and hand in your documents. The application will not be submitted until you have done this. 

If there is a long waiting period for an appointment with the police, you have to book the first available appointment you can find.

You will have the same rights as before relating to work, studies etc. while you are waiting for us to decide your application. You will retain these rights until you have received an answer to your application, even if your residence permit expires in the meantime. 

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