Want to renew Work immigration

It is important that you apply for renewal in good time before your residence permit expires if you want to retain all your rights.

You need to do the following

  1. The waiting times to get an appointment with the police can be very long. You must register the application online and book an appointment with the police at least three months before your residence permit expires. If the first available appointment is after your permit expires, you still have the same rights as before if you register the application for renewal in time.

  2. Usually, no later than one month before your residence permit expires, you must attend your appointment with the police and hand in your documents. Only then is your application submitted. If you have a renewable residence permit and you apply on time, you can work and stay in Norway as before, until you receive an answer to the application. This applies even if your residence permit expires while you wait. 

Even if you have applied in time, you may have trouble travelling in and out of Norway while waiting for your new permit. This is because you do not have a valid residence card. Without a valid residence card, you can be stopped by border control in other countries. You may also have trouble getting into Norway again when you return. 

We no longer send out F codes. You can read more here.

What kind of residence permit do you have?

  • Skilled worker

  • Job seeker

  • Exchange programmes, culture and organisational work

  • Russian worker

  • Seafarers on foreign ships sailing between Norwegian ports


Waiting time

Check how long you have to wait for an answer to your application for a residence permit for work. 

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