Automatic processing of applications for Norwegian citizenship

After you have submitted your documents to the police, the police forward your application to UDI. When we receive your application, we enter it into our computerised processsing system. All applications are automatically processed to varying degrees using this system. Some applications can be fully processed automatically using the information we already have about you in the computer system.

If your entire application is processed automatically, you will usually receive an answer within 3 months of submitting your documents to the police. If your application can only be automatically processed in part, it will be assigned to the queue for processing by a case officer. Applications which do not satisfy the requirements for Norwegian citizenship and are flagged for rejection will always be processed by a case officer.

Most applications are still processed by case officer. This does not mean that anything is wrong with these applications. It just means that UDI was not able to process the entire application automatically. If your application has to be processed by a case worker, you will have to wait longer for an answer.

Our automated processing system examines the data we have registered about you to determine whether you can be granted Norwegian citizenship without review by a a case worker. The system is not capable of evaluating every type of information, which entails that many applications still need to be processed by case officer.

We are continually working to improve our automatic processing of applications. This means that even if we could not process your whole application automatically to begin with, we may be able to do so at a later point in time.

Frequently asked questions

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