Automatic processing of applications for Norwegian citizenship

In some cases, applications for Norwegian citizenship can be automatically processed based on the information available to UDI.

If your application is initially designated for rejection because you do not appear to meet the conditions for Norwegian citizenship, the application will be turned over to a case manager for manual processing.

After you submit your documents to the police, the police will forward your application to us at UDI. When we receive the application, it is automatically processed in part or in full. If your application can be automatically processed in full, you will usually receive an answer within 3 months after you submitted it and the relevant documents to the police.

We may also be able to fully process your application automatically 3 months or later after you submitted it to the police. We are constantly working to improve so that more applications can be automatically processed in their entirety. You will not receive any notification if your application is not fully processed automatically.

We are unable to tell you ahead of time whether your application will be fully processed automatically or for what reason it can or cannot be. If we need any further information to process your application, we will contact you.

Most applications are still processed by a case officer. If this is the case with your application, it does not mean that there is anything wrong with it. It just means that UDI has not managed to process the entire application automatically. Application processing by a case officer may entail that you will have to wait longer for an answer.

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