How can I show to other public offices and my employer that I have registered my application in time and still have legal residence?

You can document this to public offices or your employer by showing your residence card and your decision together with the receipt generated when you registered your application online.

Your residence card shows the date your residence permit expires. The receipt reference number shows the time when the application was registered. The first four digits of the number show the year the application was registered. The next four digits show the date (YYYYMMDD). For example, receipt numbers beginning with 20200815 show that the application was registered on 15 August 2020.

How can you find the receipt for a registered application online?
To see the receipt, you must log in, go to the overview of your applications, select the relevant application and press the button at the bottom of the page that leads to the receipt.

You should not contact UDI for confirmation
UDI does not see when you have registered the application online in our computer systems. Therefore, we are not in a position to confirm that you have the same rights as your current permit. You must follow the instructions above to document legal residence until you have an appointment with the police.