What is a registration certificate for EU/EEA nationals?

A registration certificate is a document issued by the police which confirms that an EU/EEA national has registered to live in Norway for more than three months.

The registration certificate does not confirm that EU/EEA national has right of residence in Norway after the actual time of the registration.

EU/EEA nationals must normally only register once, regardless of how long they will be living in Norway. EU/EEA nationals can change the reason for living in Norway, for example change from being a student to an employee, without having to re-register.

If a EU/EEA national need to document that they have right of residence, they can do so by showing, for example, an employment contract, pay slips, proof of being a student or similar documents to those who are asking about your right of residence.

Norwegian authorities require that EU/EEA nationals register when living in Norway. If they stay in Norway for longer than three months without registering, they may be fined.