Nationals of countries outside the EU/EEA area

What does it mean to be expelled?

  • If you are expelled, you will be subject to an entry ban. You cannot stay in Norway as long as the ban is in force. 
  • UDI will also decide whether you will be subject to an entry ban for all Schengen countries. In that case, you will be registered in the database Schengen Information System (SIS)
  • An entry ban can be imposed for one year, two years, five years, ten years or permanently.
  • If you are staying in Norway, the entry ban period is calculated from the date when you leave Norway. If you are staying outside Norway, it is calculated from the date stated in the decision. 

Grounds for expulsion

You can be expelled if you are not a Norwegian citizen and

  • you have committed a crime under Norwegian law or have been convicted of a criminal offence in another country
  • you have been granted a residence permit after having provided incorrect information to the Norwegian authorities
  • you are staying in Norway without a residence permit or valid visa
  • you fail to leave Norway after having been given a deadline for leaving (for example once your application for protection (asylum) has been rejected)
  • You have worked in Norway without holding a residence permit that gives you the right to work
  • you have provided incorrect information to the Norwegian authorities or withheld information that you have another identity in another country
  • you have been expelled from another Schengen state.

What considerations are made in expulsion cases?

When UDI decides whether or not to expel you, and the duration of your entry ban, we consider how serious the criminal offence was and how great an impact an expulsion would have on your life.

UDI will consider whether you should not be expelled, or whether a shorter entry ban should be imposed, if you 

You cannot be expelled if you: 

  • risk persecution or inhumane treatment in the country to which you would have been expelled.
  • are a foreign national who was born in Norway and have lived here your whole life. 

Can you return to Norway after an expulsion? 

  • You can return to Norway once the entry ban has expired. You must then apply for a visitor visa or residence permit according to standard procedure.
  • If you wish to return to Norway to visit or stay here before the entry ban has expired, you must apply to have the entry ban lifted.