Here you can find all the UDI forms and standarised contracts which must be submitted with different types of applications. 

Application forms

(The application forms are only for those who cannot use the Application Portal (external website).)

Application for a permit for residence or work (pdf, 2,0 MB) 

Application for a permanent residence permit (pdf, 669 kB)

Application to keep your permanent residence permit while living abroad (pdf, 819 kB) 

Application for a visitor's visa (pdf, 84 kB)

Application for extension of a visitor's visa/ visitor's visa valid for new entry (pdf, 1,0 MB)

Application for a travel document (pdf, 1,3 MB)

Application for citizenship (in Norwegian only, pdf, 1,5 MB)

Notification of citizenship for Nordic citizens (in Norwegian only, pdf, 635 kB)

Notification of citizenship for adopted children and children with a Norwegian father (in Norwegian only, pdf, 774 kB)

Application to retain Norwegian citizenship (pdf, 746 kB)

Application for renewal of a residence permit which is limited because of identity (pdf, 783 kB) 

Application to lift a prohibition on entry (pdf, 893 kB)

Application for a Local border traffic permit (in norwegian only, pdf, 802 kB)

Power of Attorney form

Form for granting Power of Attorney (pdf, 605 kB)

Forms for applications for a permanent residence permit

Time spent abroad by spouse, cohabitant or partner (pdf, 675 kB) 

Forms for applications for work immigration 

Employment certificate for EEA/EFTA nationals, pdf, 858 kB) (pdf, 857 kB) 

Offer of employment form (pdf, 1,0 MB)

Contract for employee of a humanitarian, non-profit or religious organisation (pdf, 780 kB)

Assignment offer form (pdf, 877 kB)

Forms for applications for family immigration 

Self declaration which states that a reference person has not received social security benefits from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation (NAV) (pdf, 622 kB)

Declaration of relationship form (pdf, 616 kB)

Guarantee form for residence (pdf, 658 kB)

Consent form for application for a residence permit for children/minors (pdf, 541 kB)

Forms for au pair applications

Contract for cultural exchange between au pair and host family (pdf, 607 kB) 

Forms for study permit applications

Consent to children/minors studying in Norway (pdf, 540 kB)

Statement on study progress (in Norwegian only, pdf, 614 kB) 

Forms for visitor's visa applications

Guarantee form for visit (pdf, 1,2 MB) 

Other forms 

Name change form (pdf, 542 kB)

Notification of criminal offences form (pdf, 733 kB)