Guide to waiting time for study permits

In order to tell you how long you have to wait for an answer to your application for a study permit, we ask you to answer two questions.  

The information on this page is personalised for

What type of study permit have you applied for?: university college or university

What type of application have you submitted?

Please choose whether you have applied for the first time, applied for a renewal or appealed. 

Information for you who are going to study at a university or university college

Today it normally takes 4 months from you handed in your documents to the police, an embassy, consulate or a Visa Application Centre, until you get an answer to your application.

How long you have to wait may change. We update the information on this page once a month.

As soon as we have processed your application, we will notify you. 

This information was last updated on 15 October 2019. It will be updated again on 12 November.

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