Guide to waiting time in family immigration cases

In order to tell you how long you have to wait for an answer to your application, we ask you to answer a few questions.

The information on this page is personalised for

The applicant is a citizen of : United States

What is the residence permit or citizenship of your family member in Norway?: Norwegian/Nordic citizen

What type of application have you submitted?: First time application (do not already have a family immigration permit)

What alternative describes your situation?: Have a spouse/registered partner in Norway

Where did you hand in your application?: With the police in Norway

Important information about waiting times in family immigration cases

Our response time on the phone and e-mail will be longer

It is the same employees who answer inquiries and process the cases. In the period from 1 May to 14 July 2023, we will use more of the resources to process cases. Therefore, during this period we have limited capacity to respond to telephone and e-mail inquiries. There will be a longer than normal waiting time on the phone, and we will have very limited capacity to answer emails. 

We strongly encourage you not to contact us during this period unless it is urgent.

We remind you that you can find information about the application process on our website. The UDI Information Service cannot provide any further information about waiting times than what is stated on this page.

We continue to have a reduced capacity to answer phones and e-mails until 14 August 2023. From 1 July to 14 August, we will operate at normal summer holiday capacity, as in previous years. Due to the holidays, we will have a reduced capacity to answer the phone and e-mails, in order to maintain capacity for case processing.

If you have applied after 1 January 2022

We fully understand that it is difficult to deal with waiting times that are frequently changing. Many have waited several years to receive an answer, and we will therefore prioritise the oldest cases during an intensive work period.


In the period up to 14 July 2023, we will continue to process these two application types, even if applications have been handed in after 1 January 2022:

  • parental visits for up to 9 months
  • children applying alone

On 1 August, we will start processing cases as normal again

1 August we start processing cases where applications have been made after 1 January 2022. Please note that this does not mean that you will receive a response to the application in August, as there are still many applications in line.

After freeing up resources we have used on the oldest cases, we will have more capacity to process applications handed in after 1 January 2022 after the summer. In the long term, this prioritization will contribute to shorter and more predictable waiting times for everyone.

In order for this to be possible, we again encourage you not to contact us in the period up to 14 August 2023 if it is not urgent.

We will return with more information on this page in due course.

This information was last updated on 6 June 2023.

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