Photo/passport photo

The police or the foreign service mission will take a picture of you when you arrive for your appointment. You do not need to bring a photo when you apply for a visa, residence permit or travel document. This applies to everyone, including children.

If you are granted a residence permit in Norway, the police will take a new photo of you for your residence card if you submit your application at a foreign station. The photo that the police or the foreign service mission takes of you must meet specific requirements so that you can be easily recognised. 

The requirements for photographs for visas, residence permits and travel documents are the same as for facial photographs in passports and national ID cards. 

Quality requirements for facial photos

  • The facial photo must show the individual’s face as it looks today.  
  • Both eyes, both eyebrows and both ears must be entirely visible.  
  • The eyes are to be directed towards the camera's lens. 
  • The facial expression must be neutral, and the mouth closed. 
  • The background must be evenly lit. 
  • The face must be evenly lit. 
  • Glasses and headgear* are not to be worn. 
  • The face of the passport applicant must be photographed from the front.  
  • Scarves, bags and outerwear are to be removed before being photographed. 

*a person may, for religious or other special reasons, for example, in case of illness, wear headgear in the photograph when it is anticipated that the person concerned will be wearing similar headgear whenever presenting the document, ID, etc. in the future. The headgear must not cover any part of the face or more of the head than necessary. The headgear must not be so tight as to alter the natural shape of the face. 

On the police’s website, you can see the requirements for facial photos along with examples (external website) (only available in Norwegian).

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