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Everyone who applies for a visa or a residence permit must hand in a photo with their application. The photo must meet certain requirement, so that you are easily recognised. 

If you are given a residence permit in Norway, the police will take a new photo of you for your residence card. The requirements for this photo are the same as those which are stated on this page. 

Photo requirements for visa and reidence permit

  • The photo must show the whole head (the face must take up 70-80 per cent of the photo) and the top of your shoulders.
  • Eyes must be open and clearly visible with no hair across the eyes.
  • Wearing glasses is permitted. The lenses must not be tinted, the frame must not cover parts of your eyes and there must be no reflection in the lenses.
  • Religious headgear is permitted if your chin, forehead and both cheeks are clearly visible. The headgear must not cast a shadow on the face.
  • the photo must be
    • in sharp focus, clear and with good contrast
    • printed on high-quality photo paper at a high resolution
    • taken directly from the front, against a light background
    • in colour
    • 35–40 mm wide
    • maximum six months old, and look like you

Please note! If the photo you enclose does not meet all the requirements, you will be asked to submit a new photo.

If your application also concerns your child, you must submit photos both of you and your child. 

Illustration which shows what passport photos meet the requirements.

Illustration which shows what photos meet the requirements.

Photo requirements for Norwegian passports, immigrant passports and travel documents 

If you are having your photo taken for a Norwegian passport, Norwegian immigrant's passport or Norwegian travel document for refugees, you must follow the police's photo requirements (external website).

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