Travel to Norway

The applicant is granted an entry permit that is valid for six months from the decision date. IMDi enters into an agreement with a Norwegian municipality to settle the applicant. The earliest settlement date must be within the period of six months for which the entry permit is valid.

As soon as IMDi has reached agreement with a settlement municipality, UDI asks the Norwegian foreign service mission concerned to issue a laissez-passer and an entry visa (D visa). We also ask the IOM to make travel arrangements for the applicant based on when the municipality can receive him/her. UDI asks the IOM to notify us of the arrival date two weeks before arrival takes place at the latest. In some urgent cases, we will be notified nearer the arrival date.

UDI informs the municipality of the arrival date as soon as we have received confirmation of the travel route from the IOM. We send the confirmed travel route to the municipality by secure email.

Applicants who have been accepted by the selection mission take part in a cultural introduction course in the country where they are staying before their departure for Norway. The course lasts for four days for adults and two days for children, and it teaches them about Norwegian culture and Norwegian society. The teachers are from the same background as the refugees and have experience of living in Norway.