Residence permits for children who are born in Norway

When a child of foreign parents is born in Norway, the parents must apply for a residence permit, register the child as an EU/EEA national or apply for a residence card for family members of EU/EEA nationals. Apply as soon as possible after the birth.

The information on this page is personalised for

Which alternative describes the mother?: has a residence permit for work

Which alternative describes the father?: has a residence permit for work

Here you can find information about one or more options for your child:

Family immigration

You can apply for a residence permit for family immigration for your child.

If the child is granted a residence permit for family immigration, the parents must normally get the child a passport from their home country in order to travel outside Norway. If the child has such a passport, he or she can visit the parents’ home country.

If it is dangerous for the parents to contact the authorities or embassy of their home country, you can apply for a Norwegian immigrant’s passport (blue) for the child instead.

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