Claim compensation

You are entitled to compensation if you have suffered damage as a result of information being used or registered in breach of the rules for processing information in SIS. If you wish to claim compensation, you must do so no later than one year after you became aware of the registration.

The compensation must correspond to the financial loss you have suffered as a result of the illegal registration or use of your information. The compensation may also include infringement or other non-economic damage (restitution), within reason.

To claim compensation, you must:

  • write a letter stating the reason why you want compensation and attach documentation of the damage you have suffered
  • attach a copy of a public identity document with a photo, for example a passport or driving licence
  • send the letter, documentation and a copy of the identity document to UDI

You can send it by post to:

Directorate of Immigration

PO Box 2098 Vika

0125 Oslo

You can also submit the compensation claim via a Norwegian embassy or upload it to the application portal. Furthermore, you can send the claim as an attachment to

Claiming compensation is free of charge.

Right of appeal

If your compensation claim is rejected, you can appeal the decision with the Ministry of Justice and Public Security. The appeal deadline is three weeks from when you were notified of the rejection.


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