What is violence in the family?

Violence in the family is violence carried out by family members or former family members.

The violence can consist of: 

Physical violence

  • shoving
  • hair pulling
  • name calling
  • hitting
  • kicking
  • denying someone food

Psychological violence

Many people are uncertain about whether they are being subjected to violence if the violence is not physical. Examples of psychological violence can consist of:

  • threatening (directly or indirectly)
  • controlling
  • harassing
  • ignoring
  • locking someone inside or outside
  • refusing someone to have contact with family or friends
  • refusing someone to move freely in society, for example to take part in Norwegian classes
  • isolating someone
  • refusing to let someone express their opinions 

Sexual violence

  • pressuring someone into sexual acts
  • rape
  • other sexual abuse 

Economic violence

  • destroying things
  • exploiting someone financially